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Just Focus on Closing Deals

Juicey Turf™’s A.I. machine learning takes care of the door to door map planning for your teams, so you can do what you do best: training reps & making sales.

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Creating Top Reps

Turn the most mediocre performers into door 2 door superstars! No external CRM needed! Juicey Turf’s artificial intelligence analyzes 50+ years of sales data to grant the “intuition” of a veteran salesperson to any rookie.

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Best d2d Reps Trust Juicey Turf™

Trusted by the top reps in TNI, JuiceyTurf helps its top agency owners and leaders boost team performance and improve the bottom line.

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Artificial Intelligence Discovers Juicey* Turfs

Make every map *JUICEy (Join Us In Creating Excitement) by combining machine learning and historical data. With hundreds of proprietary data points to perform predictive analytics, you are always a step ahead of the competition!

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Unlock Reps’ True Potential with AI Matching

Ever noticed some reps perform better in certain neighborhoods? Our algorithms identify your reps’ uniqueness and assign them to where they can perform their best.

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Exceeding Expectations

Optimized Turfs

Maximize profit margin by sending the right team to the right neighborhoods.

Efficient Routes

Save time, fuel and money. Makes sense, right?

Big Data Powered

50+ years of collective sales data  experience makes any rep a veteran.

Continuous Improvements

Real-time data collection constantly improves our AI algorithms.

Absolute Security

Privacy and security is our top priority. Data is never shared with third parties.

API Integrations

Improve your existing CRM and processes with our API endpoints.

Our Team Leaders

Join us in creating Excitement!!!

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Francisco Fredelez


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William Tsui


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AJ Wazzan


Pricing Plans

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Lone Wolf

0.99/user per month

  • Single User Only

  • AI Optimized Turfs

  • AI Optimized Foot Routes

  • No Team Data Analyzation

  • Delayed optimizations

  • Public Forum Support Only

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Small Teams

69.99/user per month

  • Up to 5 Users

  • AI Optimized Turfs

  • AI Optimized Foot Routes

  • Team Data Analyzation

  • Latest Optimizations

  • No Administration Panel

Big Teams

59.99/user per month

  • Up to 50 Users

  • AI Optimized Turfs

  • AI Optimized Foot Routes

  • Team Data Analyzation

  • Latest Optimizations

  • Administration Panel Access

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“Best app i have ever seen in my 5 years of sales development”

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“These guys made my work easier and faster for a great price”

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“The productivity of this app is fabulous and is very quick.”

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Do feel free to contact us or just send in your queries in the form to the right and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

New Westminster, Canada

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